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Tree stumps are an obstacle, whether you are improving your yard or getting ready to sell in Minnetonka MN. But more than just an inconvenience, they can also bring and foster pests in your yard and home. Get that stump ground today!

Professional Property Services LLC is fully insured & registered with the State of Minnesota Department of Agriculture Tree Care Registry.

Why should you remove that old stump (stump grinding)?

Tree stumps are unsightly and end up being a hazard. More than just an inconvenience, they can also bring and foster pests in your yard and home in Minnetonka. A tree stump can serve as the home for many types of fungus and bugs, including ants, termites, beetles, and other wood-boring invasive insects. They can attack and carve out the tree stump, but can also cause significant damage to your lawn, other trees, shrubbery, and even your house. Removing the tree stump deprives them of a foothold on your lawn, providing one more layer of protection for your home.

We provide:

  • Professional stump grinding and surface root removal in Minnetonka
  • Cleanup and hauling of resulting mulch
  • Residential and Commercial service
  • Service in the entire Twins Cities Metro Area & Itasca County
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Stump Grinding Process in Minnetonka MN

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Safety First

Jeff always calls Gopher State One Call to have all lines located and marked.

Please make sure the area is free of any landscape rock, pet fencing, or other hard materials that could damage equipment and property. 

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Measure the Stump

Measure the widest diameter (width) at ground level. Include surface roots in the overall measurement if you want them removed too. Typically, stumps should be no more than 6” above the ground or additional charges may apply. A standard grind is about  4″ to 6″ deep.

PRO TIP: Make sure you are measuring at ground level, and NOT the top of the stump. 

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How Much Does Tree Stump Grinding Cost?

Grinding is generally $5 per inch. For example, a stump that is 20” in width would cost $100. Discounts for multiple stumps. $140 minimum, grinding fee includes trip charge and utilities locating service if deemed necessary.

Additional grinding clean-up and offsite removal available for an additional cost.

Check Out Some Of My Over 200 5-Star Reviews

Jeff is such a great guy. I saw his advertising sign near the flower mart in Hopkins: I had stump grinding on my list for a while and was happy to have someone to call hopefully get that task off my list finally. He got right back to me. He ground 3 stumps at Church within a few days of being contacted and did a great job! I highly recommend him, thanks again Jeff Weiss!
Anna Mau Avatar
Anna Mau
Jeff did a great job. He checked where the utilities were, ground the stumps below the level of the grass, and came when he said he would
Heidi Skarie Avatar
Heidi Skarie
Outstanding service and excellent work. I reached out to Jeff with a request to have a massive stump removed. This stump was over 25 wide including the above ground roots with the main stump being 90 inches wide. From the time I emailed about getting a quote to the time the stump was completely removed was under 24 hours! We had this massive willow tree removed a couple years ago and the tree service that took it down told me that to remove this stump would "cost a fortune..." I kick myself for just taking their word for it and not calling Jeff sooner. His price was very reasonable and we couldn't be happier with the transformation of our lawn. I would 100% recommend Jeff for any stump removal projects.
Adam Skare Avatar
Adam Skare

See more on a dedicated page to my reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep do you grind stumps?

About 4-6” is standard.

How do I measure my stump?

  • Measure the widest diameter (width) at ground level.
  • Measure the width of the hole you would like to be left with when we are finished.
  • Include surface roots in overall diameter if you want them removed.

How soon can you complete the work?

  • Lead time depends on the season, and is typically measured in days, not weeks.
  • Lead time is shortest in mid-summer and late fall.
  • We can usually make allowances for deadlines and emergencies. Please contact us.
  • Individual stumps typically require minutes, not hours, to remove.

Will your equipment damage my lawn?

  • No, the Carlton SP5014 has a 35″ narrow width and self propelled hydraulics to make it easy to get into tight areas on your property and has large turf tires.  If the ground is hard enough to walk on, it’s solid enough for equipment.
  • In case of extremely wet or soft conditions, I will inspect the site before working and contact you with alternative suggestions.
  • Stump grinding is the most efficient and non-invasive way to remove stumps. What about limited access or fenced yards?
  • No problem.  A path or gate only 36 inches wide is needed through which to drive my equipment.

What about underground utilities (phone lines, cable TV, electric and gas lines, etc.)?

  • If you know of lines buried near your stump, or if you are unsure, please inform us. I will notify Gopher State One Call to have them located and marked.
  • GSOC does not locate private lines, such as sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting, and gas lines to swimming pools or gas grills. Homeowners responsibility to notify of any of these that may be near stump areas.

Will the tree grow back once the stump is ground up?

  • No.
  • The remaining stump and underground roots will eventually decay and change to soil.